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Welcome to my gallery! Please take a look around if you like what you see! *\(|[°◡°♡]|)
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I'm the01angel, and I've had a long history with DeviantArt. I'm really glad I decided to get an account here, because I have known this site since 2007 (but did not get an account until 8/22/16) and I love to draw! My major special interests are: all BEMANI games (but especially Pop'n Music), The Loud House, all Nicktoons in general, anything cute and girly, music in general, 90's-2000's-early 2010's nostalgia, and candy.

Feel free to call me any of the following names: Jenna, Jenny, Jessica, Jesslyn, Angel, 01, Alt, JennALT
(the01angel works too ^^)

SoundCloud Cake bullet - FREE TO USE by Rueile ZIv: 01angel Cake bullet - FREE TO USE by Rueile "Get it?!"
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My Precious Babies (*´ω`*)





the01angel:iconthe01angel:… <- MENDES of all songs in Love Live?!
Sat Feb 18, 2017, 2:21 PM
Which one?
Wed Feb 15, 2017, 6:01 PM
Me: Heya kiddo, all energized for the RP?
Mon Feb 13, 2017, 3:18 PM
Alt: "Ack! I apologize for not noticing this yesterday. She did the gift and told me you like it, so I am very happy!"
Sun Feb 5, 2017, 4:11 PM
Me: Heya alt, is Jenna working hard on my little b-day gift? She's super sweet
Sat Feb 4, 2017, 5:58 PM
the01angel:iconthe01angel:… <-MEUMEU0/1ANGEL!!!
Sat Feb 4, 2017, 1:59 PM
Great to hear :party:
Fri Jan 27, 2017, 5:51 PM
I had a rough day today, but I'm feeling happier and better now! :aww:
Sat Jan 21, 2017, 4:52 PM
How are you doing :D
Sat Jan 21, 2017, 8:25 AM
(Alt sneezes again, and laughs!)
Mon Jan 9, 2017, 11:54 AM
Mr. Katucco: LOL, you're so funny when your sneeze, let me tickle your nose again XD
Mon Jan 9, 2017, 4:15 AM
Sat Jan 7, 2017, 5:16 AM
oh? tickle your nose (part quote Town mode)
Fri Jan 6, 2017, 8:43 PM
Hi!! ◖ฺ|´⌣`*|◗
Tue Jan 3, 2017, 2:32 AM
Tue Jan 3, 2017, 12:22 AM

ALT plushie (|[´。• ᵕ •。`]|)

The deviation I'm most proud of is this plushie! She was sewn completely by hand, and she took 3 months (November 2015-January 2016) to sew. It was worth it!! She's made of soft and fluffy fabrics and even squeaks when you push her nose!

Super-duper-sweet friends!゚.+:。(・ω<)b

If you're in this box, that means you really mean a lot to me, and you're one of my closest and best friends. I consider all of my watchers to be friends, but you guys are extra-special to me.

:iconsz64saulius: - Super-sweet Skype and StepMania buddy!
:iconvio-lin: - kors k's fangirl and CORE-s k membership giver!
:iconmamonstar761: - Creative and imaginative Pop'n pal!
:iconmerindity: - School friend with amazing art!!
:iconfluffysnuffy: - A really awesome person with an amazing art-style to boot!
:iconmryoshi1996: - Super-nice with really fabulous Loud House stories!
:iconuprikamzd: - Here comes MZD, mommy!!!
:iconkatamariluv: - Considerate, kind, and always giving compliments!
:iconprivateholland: - BEMANI buddy 4-ever!
:iconsugary-stardust: - Really cute art and adorable OCs!
:iconvenoct:/:iconkisekaekeith: - Kisekae and BEMANI bud!
:iconkathleen156: - One of my best Pop'n and Kisekae friends!
:iconlalakun0123: - A wonderful artist who is super-duper kind!
:icondaniela56438: - One of my newest Pop'n pals!
:iconfreakofguitars49: - One of the biggest BEMANI fans I know around here!
:icondragoon--fruiit:/:icondynamiite-rave: - Awesome Kisekae user who's a huge Pop'n Music fan to boot!
:iconmilavana: - A really kind person whose art style is irresistible!
:iconpastel-birbs: - Super-sweet Shopkins pal!
:iconrusty-raccoon-735: - Zenius -I- Vanisher pal #1!
:iconmagiteknik: - Fellow Long Islander, Zenius pal #2, and Pop'n, BEMANI, and Love Live fan 4-ever!!
:iconlimehtf: - The one and only Mr. Katucco!
:iconumarakthehunter: - Super rad Loud House role player!
:iconextreme-z7: - A newer yet just as fantastic friend who's oh-so nice and loves Alt almost as much as I do!
:iconcarrotlamp: - My new VocalWriter buddy!
:iconsdq2002productions: - An all-around wonderful guy who makes hilariously awesome StepMania charts and takes cool photos!
:iconjoshualong: - One of the nicest people to talk to here!

❃ Fan Button Collection! ❃

Meet my OCs! ✿

Meet Mikayla! [MY OC] by the01angel
Say hello to my newest OC, Mikayla! She is understanding, amicable, and loves to cheer others up, but the only problem is that she suffers from self-doubt.
(100th deviation!) Beatrix [My OC] by the01angel
Introducing Beatrix, my main OC! She's a sweet and happy girl who finds joy in simple things. You can draw her if you want!
Boop! [Pop'n Music/Cherry, my Pop'n Sona] by the01angel
If I were a Pop’n Music character, I’d be this OC here – “Cherry”! You can draw her if you want, too!

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Feb 19, 2017
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Feb 19, 2017
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Feb 19, 2017
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Feb 19, 2017
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It seems as if "Dumb Dumb", a K-pop song by the girl group Red Velvet, is becoming strangely popular this year despite coming out back in 2015...

I first heard it in a StepMania contest, and now it's been getting stuck in my head ever since :boogie:
I just wanted to bring up that thanks to my Global History class, I now know all the lyrics to "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" by They Might Be Giants by heart...and it's been stuck in my head like crazy for the past few days. Kao Emoji-54 (Grrr) [V3] 

It's not a bad thing, though, because I coaxed the teacher to play a video of the song's Just Dance 4 routine and everyone in the class followed along to it Kao Emoji-21 (o'w'o) [V1] Even the teacher had fun! She even made the classes after my class dance to it, too! Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] I think I'm making Just Dance semi-popular in my school...

gonna tag some people to see this who I think may appreciate it:
:iconoreocookiequeen: :iconlimehtf: :iconaniapinzon: :iconjustdancer2016: :iconfluffysnuffy:
I want to talk about a weird dream I had last night. It's not just weird in terms of content matter, but also weird because it's the first dream which I have strongly remembered the majority of in a while.

The dream started with just...RemyWiki. If you don't know, RemyWiki is like Wikipedia but for BEMANI games. The odd thing was that there was no sort of computer/iPad/phone screen showing me RemyWiki - I was just seeing it. Apparently, in the dream, a new edit had been made to the page of "SUMIDAGAWA KARENKA", one of Alt's songs. The edit stated that TAKEO ISCHI (the guy who made "New Bibi Hendl", the CHICKEN YODELING SONG), of all people, apparently had some cover of the song. I looked it up in the dream...and oddly, the cover didn't feature any yodeling though the instrumentation was somewhat similar to that of "New Bibi Hendl". I was weirded out. The dream just cut to black for a while, then I just appeared at some rather dilapidated big-box store like a Kmart, and I was in the toy aisles looking for Shopkins (and I think also Gift 'Ems)-related things. However, the aisles were mostly bare. I recall going crazy looking for the new Shoppies, only for an employee to find me Rainbow Kate, but without her box. (I think this part might have been  influenced by :iconpastel-birbs:'s recent photo of their new Rainbow Kate Shoppie). 

I recall myself being a lot more childish than I really am in the dream, because my dream-self acted ten years younger than I really am. In my dream, I climbed up the toy shelves to try and get the Shoppies, and threw a very childish temper tantrum.

Does anyone think this dream might signify something...? (|[o_o]|)
Not only is today Valentine's Day, but it's also the birthday of Rie-chan from Pop'n Music. Here's a video to celebrate!

夕焼け猫とブリキのロボット (A sunset cat and a tin robot) / seiya-murai feat. ALT

seiya-murai feat. ALT



(has a fangirl attack, then collapses)

The girl ended up okay, but she seemed rather unconscious and only able to say one thing: "ALTちゃんALTちゃんALTちゃんALTちゃんALTちゃんALTちゃんALTちゃんALTちゃんALTちゃん"

Seriously, this is making me SO hyped for Nostalgia. Like, SOOOOO hyped. I wasn't even this hyped for it from the start, but them announcing there will be a NEW ALT SONG is activating my fangirl mode SO hard.

Now, the only question is...will it be Alt 1.0 or Alt 2.0? Alt Wink Emote (Pop'n Music) Alt Blowing Kisses Emote [Pop'n Music] Pop'n Music ALT icon Pop'n music Alt 2.0 icon (200 WATCHER GIFT) F2U Alt 2.0 Blinky Icon/Emote 

What type of cheese is the best? 

15 deviants said American/Cheddar/any processed kind ;P
8 deviants said Mozzarella
7 deviants said Other/I don't eat cheese :P
2 deviants said Parmesan/asiago/romano/etc.
2 deviants said Pepper Jack
2 deviants said Swiss/Provolone/Muenster
1 deviant said Brie
1 deviant said Gouda
1 deviant said Feta/cottage/goat/farmer/queso fresco/etc.
No deviants said Blue (Bleu/Roquefort/Gorgonzola/etc.)


Journal Entry: Sun Feb 12, 2017, 7:21 PM
Beep boop...HELLO DARLING! The title of this journal might startle you, but allow me to explain: I got tagged not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES by three wonderful people...
And there are 3 sides on a triangle.
Hence, ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED Rainbow Illuminati Illuminati CONFIRMED :illuminati: Illuminati spinnin' Illuminati 2P00KY 1LLUM1N4T1 G1F 32P00KY5M3
LOOOOOOOOOOOL...jkjk (200 WATCHER GIFT) F2U Alt 2.0 Blinky Icon/Emote 

As I was saying, thanks oodles to the wonderful :iconmerindity:, :iconextreme-z7:, and :iconaukkuli: for thinking of me! I love doing these kinds of memes Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] There's a lot of questions for me to answer, so why should I keep blabbering? Let's cut to the chase!

KiraKira PreCure A La Mode Icons by xXNekoKirbyIchiXxKiraKira PreCure A La Mode Icons by xXNekoKirbyIchiXx

1.Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2.Write 13 things about yourself.
3.Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4.Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
5.Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
6.It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
7.Tag backs are allowed.
8.If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.

Okie here's 13 more things about me that y'all probably don't know~ Emoji41
1. I gave a drawing of my OC Beatrix to a boy in my math class, and he said that "it could be worth a lot of money" in the future.  Blush 
2. I have a love-hate relationship with how my bedroom looks. It's very messy and I dislike the grayish-purple color of the walls, but I love my bedding and the fact that my room is decorated with my very own drawings! Besides, my bed looks absolutely splendid with my Alt plushie on it~! Alt Wink Emote (Pop'n Music) 
3. I draw a lot of traditional sketches in my free time, and am contemplating setting up a 2nd account here for the purpose of posting those sketches. (Most of them are all Alt, though♪)
4. There was a period of time where I refused to go barefoot! You see, in 2nd grade, I used to take karate classes. During one of those classes, a girl stepped on my foot and completely broke one of my toenails. The pain lasted for weeks Kao Emoji-50 (Running Away) [V3] I developed this phobia of going barefoot (because I didn't want to break any of my toenails again) ever since, and even brought a spare pair of socks to others' houses when I wore sandals, flats, or any other shoes that are intended to be worn without socks. Fortunately, I grew out of this fear by the time I was in 4th grade. Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Whew Sigh) [V3] 
5. I am the complete opposite of a picky eater, and I love trying exotic and different foods. There are some foods I refuse to eat, but it's only a few very specific things.
6. I love weird holidays. I used to even have a calendar that stated which weird holiday fell on each day, but I lost it...Fortunately, I can always look up what weird holidays fall on each day BY THE POWER OF THE INTERNET! Emoji17 For example, today is World Marriage Day :emotrimony: 
7. Aside from Pop'n Music, my absolute favorite BEMANI games are DDR, Reflec Beat, and Jubeat, though I love them all Kao Emoji-68 (Come) [V4] 
8. I cringe at lots of things, some of which include HobbyKidsTV and all those other stupid "toy collector" YouTube channels,, and emoji merchandise.
9. I love knowing the meanings and origins of names, so I have subscribed to several baby naming sites in the past because I used them when I needed inspiration for naming characters of mine.
10. I have very strong gag reflexes and I used to make myself barf when I was younger. Ew, me.
11. I get really cold at night, so I overdress myself and put lots of blankets on my bed so that I don't wake up cold. I am unable to get myself out of my bed if I wake up cold.
12.  I used to be obsessed with ice cream trucks when I was in 5th grade. ice cream icon (F2U) 
13. I'm suffering from asthma at the moment! I couldn't even speak without coughing or trying to catch my breath at one point earlier in this week. It sucks, trust meEmoji30 

Sugar Frosted | Deco Divider by TheCandyCoating Sugar Frosted | Deco Divider by TheCandyCoating
And now, :iconmerindity:'s questions! kaomoji set 2 28/67 

1. How did you come up with your Deviantart username and what does it mean?

I wanted to be "01angel", but somebody (:icon01angel:) already took it Kao Emoji-42 (Dead) [V3]So, I just stuck a "the" before "01angel". Anyway, 01angel, or the01angel, comes from 0/1 ANGEL, Alt's debut Pop'n Music song and my all-time favorite BEMANI song (|[*'v'*]|)

2. What would you like to improve at in the future?

I want to improve on anatomy and shading art-wise.

3. Cats or dogs and why?

Dogs because I'm allergic to cats Kawaii Teacup Puppy!  But cats are cute, too~!

4. What language would you like to be fluent in?

Spanish, because it's useful "in the real world". I want to learn many languages, but if I had to choose one for me to be /fluent/ in, I'd go with Spanish because of how widely-spoken it is in the United States. It would be very beneficial to be fluent in it. Besides, I am currently learning it in school...Kao Emoji-65 (Hello there) [V4] 

5. What's your worst school subject?

Science. My average in it is around 4~6 points lower than it is in most of the other classes I'm in Emoji33 Despite this, it is my favorite class content-wise. Merindity, the person who tagged me for this, has the same science teacher I have and we're basically learning the same stuff. Biology, especially genetics, is very interesting to me! Emoji13 

6. What's your favorite drawing?

Boop! [Pop'n Music/Cherry, my Pop'n Sona] by the01angel

This one!!! I love looking at it, TBH. Cherry is me as a Pop'n Music character, and this picture is just very "me" because of the Alt 2.0 nose boop kaomoji set 1 7/19 I always feel very happy when I look at it.

7. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

A dolphin because of how cute and smart they me Emoji08 

8. What's your favorite song/any song recommendations?

BEMANI music. Look up stuff like Pop'n Music, Beatmania IIDX, Reflec Beat, and Sound Voltex. The music spans a variety of different genres, so there will be something for everyone. I highly recommend that EVERYONE who reads this journal check out BEMANI music if you aren't already a BEMANI fan.
Here are some playlists of BEMANI songs to start you off!

9. What's your favorite food?

Cheesecake, but as for non-dessert food, lobster.

10. What would you do if you won the lottery?

I'd buy a new and bigger house with a swimming pool, some BEMANI arcade machines, some other little things that I've always wanted to own, and donate the rest to others who are less fortunate than myself. Emoji31 

11. Do you collect anything?

Well, I collect Shopkins in real life, and Alt-related drawings and drawings of my OCs here :XD: Also, I don't know if you could count this as collecting, but I collect DreamSelfies, which are little customizable characters you make on a special website. Here's my collection of them so far, LOOOOOL: My DreamSelfy collection! by the01angel My DreamSelfy Collection, Part 2 by the01angel

12. Do you play any sports/instruments?

I hate sports, but I do play piano and I work with various synthesizers! I also used to play violin throughout elementary and middle school, and the drums for a little while.

13. What's one thing you'll never do again?

Eat cooked salmon. It's disgusting. I can't stand it, to be honest. It makes my stomach feel funny. Heck, my stomach feels weird right now as I'm writing this. :P

(pastel) Pink and Blue | Deco Divider by TheCandyCoating (pastel) Pink and Blue | Deco Divider by TheCandyCoating
Now for some questions that would be considered the polar opposite of the type of questions Merindity gave me, courtesy of :iconextreme-z7:! These are gonna be fun.

1. If you were trapped in an island with only one book to read, which one would it be? (This doesn't necessarily have to be a book that you've already read.)

An encyclopedia. It's what your grandmommies and granddaddies had before Wikipedia and the Internet were things, kids!

2. Describe your "Paradise Planet" in one sentence. (Basically, your idea of a perfect planet to live in)

Everything is bright and happy kaomoji set 2 67/67 

3. What kinds of paranormal activity do you believe in (if any)? (e.g. ghosts, U.F.O's, etc.)

Do mermaids and unicorns count~? The Little Mermaid Ariel (Emoticon/Free Avatar) All 7 SOULS UnderTwinkle 

4. How hardcore or casual would you call yourself (in life in general)? Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 where Really Casual is 1 and Really Hardcore is 10.

Eh, like a 4.5.

5. Would you rather commit a crime or be a victim of a crime? (It's okay to not answer if you don't want to)

I'd rather commit a crime because being a victim is worse IMO kaomoji set 1 5/19 

6. Describe the weirdest thing you can remember.

A dream I've had back in 2013. In this dream, I was at a mall at night, while it was CLOSED, with this boy who I thought I was going to be fake-fighting at the store "Justice". Instead, he really fought me. I asked him what his name was, and he said it was Matt. Then, we walked out of the store and saw my dad bought tater tots. He also addressed the boy as "Liam". However, he refused to share the tater tots with us. Then, we just walked into another store at the mall and it turned into the kitchen in my house. The lights were out, and my brother Frankie, the DJ (who doesn't exist in real life), played this new song he had made. That's when COSMO FROM THE FAIRLY ODD PARENTS appeared, called the song annoying, and Frankie addressed the boy who I had been hanging out with for the entirety of the dream as "Max". The dream ended with everyone singing the song "Forgiveness" from the show Robot and Monster.

7. You get the choice to instantly become a master at one skill but you lose what is currently your best skill. Would you take that choice and if so, which skill would you choose? (You don't necessarily have to say your current best skill)

I wouldn't make that choice because I'm completely satisfied with my best skill. kaomoji set 2 33/67 

8. What is your favorite real world accent? (e.g. British, Scottish, etc.)

Just plain Midwestern American accents, but I do like the way British accents sound to be quite honest.

9. What is your favorite fictional accent? (e.g. Yoda, E.T., etc.)

Alt accent :XD:
Seriously, since she's a robot and VocalWriter, the program that created her voice, is intended for singing, it always sounds a bit unnatural when I try to make her speak. I guess I'd consider the strange inflections an "accent" kaomoji set 37/67 

10. If your first name was an acronym, what would it mean? (e.g. Julie = Just Utterly Lovely If Energetic)

Joyful, exciting, never nasty, adorable kaomoji set 2 39/67 

11. What is the most useless/pointless/unimpressive yet unique thing you can do?

believing in the power of love Usagi and Ami Glomp Icon   

12. You get to be the opposite gender for one day. What would be the FIRST THING you would do that you wouldn't/couldn't do as your current gender?

Grow a mustache, I guess? I've never really thought about it since I'm completely satisfied as a girl... 

13. Let's say you've found IT. The thing that makes you  fully satisfied in your life. You have achieved ultimate peace
(SORRY, THE SPELLING POLICE IS HERE) and happiness. . . You don't need anything in life anymore. . . Don't need entertainment, Don't need friends, Don't need money, Don't need shelter. . . You don't even need food, love or even BREATHING. . . . . . . . . . . Now what? (Note: This is a hypothetical scenario, realistically this will never happen. I'm just curious as to how people will answer this. Just for fun, you know. Answer it any way you want to!)

I'd feel like there's no point to living anymore since I found IT. You can't go on in life without needing things. Being completely satisfied is only achievable in heaven. You need to need in order to live.

Last but not least is 13 more questions from :iconaukkuli:!

1. What's your favorite school subject?

I was already asked this before in another journal, so I'm just gonna copy and paste my answer from there.

Studio in Media Arts, which is basically a class for digital art. 
I also really enjoy science, to be quite honest.

2. What's your fondest memory?

The vacation I took to Miami in February 2015. It was completely spontaneous - I was supposed to go to Puerto Rico, but I arrived at the airport to find out my flight had been cancelled  Fortunately, I have family-friends who live in Miami, so I spent 

3. Thing you used to believe when you were a child?

I used to fear that I might grow a third eye or a sixth toe on one of my feet overnight.

4. Your dream?

Just to live a successful and happy life.  

5. Which superpower would you choose, if you had to pick one? Why?

The ability to eat as much as I want without ever getting fat because I LOVE FOOD  

6. Your secret talent?

Having absolute pitch, which is the ability to recognize the pitch of a note or produce any given note. I have been considered a musical prodigy in the past.

7. Who is your role model? Reason?

This is a rather tough one, but I'd say my entire family because they shaped me into the woman I am today.  

8. What is your favorite place on the earth?

My bed because I feel warm, cozy, and comfortable in it  

9. Your all time favorite show/anime/movie? Why?

SpongeBob!  I've seen every episode and have been watching it ever since I was two years old. Honestly, I will never not love SpongeBob, as it's been around since even before I was born and continues to make me smile and laugh to this day,   

10. How was your day? :--)))

Good, thank you ;];];];];] I saw the movie "La La Land" today!

And now...THE BEST PART OF THE JOURNAL! The part where I tag 13 lucky ducks to ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW!!! *the crowd exhales loudly through their mouths*  

1. Do you consider the number 13 to be unlucky?
2. If you could own your own restaurant, what kind of restaurant would it be?
3. If you could have any animal ever to exist as a pet, which animal would you choose and why?
4. If you could change your first name to any name, and you couldn't keep the same name, what name would you choose and why?
5. Are there any songs that you listen to on repeat?
6. What sounds do you consider annoying, and why?
7. Do you like unusual and/or foreign food?
8. Do you procrastinate a lot?
9. What is your favorite decade of music, and why?
10. Do you consider yourself to be a heavy sleeper?
11. Are you excited for Valentine's Day?
12. In general, do you tend to get all excited and go all-out for holidays, no matter what holiday it is?
13. Do you know what happened to my pet naked mole rat, Seymour?! He wasn't there when I got home from the post office. I'm worried that he ran away...OR MAYBE HE WAS STOLEN He looks like any other naked mole rat would. If you happen to find Seymour, could you please email me at iwannabehacked23@pleasehackme.not or call 1-555-01ANGEL? Thanks in advance!

If your icon is on this list below, CONGRATS! You've been tagged. This means you have to answer the 13 questions above, either in the comments section here or in your own journal.
:iconfluffysnuffy: :iconhoppeee: (I promised you two)

Well, this was long and it's awfully late, so goodnight everyone!  THE01ANGEL, OUT!!


This remake definitely shows how much you've improved since the old one. First of all, the first thing that stood out to me was, well, ...

(This is my first time ever doing a critique, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right...) This picture is absolutely stunning. It has t...


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